Bill to create new trail funding source awaits Corbett’s signature

UPDATE 7/7/2011: This bill has been signed into law by Governor Corbett.

Earlier today, the Pennsylvania Senate passed SB 151 to amend the Air Pollution Control Act and sent the bill to Governor Corbett for his signature. This bill will create a new funding source for trail projects in Pennsylvania.

Currently, fines from violations to the Air Pollution Control Act are spent by the Department of Environmental Protection on programs to monitor air quality and enforce air quality standards. This bill will allocate 25% of any fine over $50,000 to the municipality or county where the violation occurred. Trails and other open space projects that reduce air pollution will be eligible for funding.

While no one wants air pollution violations in their backyard, this policy change will ensure that those who bear the pollution’s negative effects are helped through positive projects in their communities.

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