PA House passes safe bicycle passing bill

Yesterday, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives passed HB 170, the safe bicycle passing bill, with a strong showing of support. This bill will protect bicyclists in two important ways:

  • Require motor vehicles to pass bicyclists with a minimum of 4 feet
  • Protect bicyclists from a “right hook” or “left hook,”

The 197-1 vote now sends the bill to the Senate…

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8 Responses to PA House passes safe bicycle passing bill

  1. Jun Zuniga says:

    Okay, who voted AGAINST this?!?!?

  2. Josh says:

    The vote against the bill was by Carl Walker Metzgar, representing parts of Bedford and Somerset counties. I don’t know why he voted against it. If anyone is a constituent, I encourage you to reach out.

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  4. I was looking for Harrisburg Cars and found your site. Making a safe driving environment for bicycle riders sounds like a great idea.

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  7. Scott Raygor says:

    It is a good law, but it will need to be enforced. Like any other law it needs to have teeth to make it work. Any driver that has a brain would drive like this. Or move to the left lane for any car broke down on the shoulder. EMS, tow trucks & PENDOT trucks have a law requiring drivers to move to the left lane if possible, or slow down for an “Official” vehicle on the shoulder. If Grandma is changing a tire on the shoulder of the turnpike it is OK to cruise by her in the right lane at 65 MPH. There is no IQ test for being a driver.

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